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My crappy week

I have had a very difficult week that has resulted in me finding alternative accommodation. I may not have a computer once I have gone through with this, so, so long, until then.

Bad Day

 MOTH has finally driven me over the edge and I have asked him to leave. He won't so I guess it will be up to me to find somewhere for the kids and I to go. This is not sudden, it has been brewing for years. I will fill in the details when I feel I can do it calmly.

Writer's Block: Tax Day

I'm very boring... goes into the morgage.
If you're getting one, how are you planning to spend your tax refund?


I'm reading a fabulous series at the moment that is seriously cutting into my sleep time. I live for my days off when I can really indulge myself in the pages. I know that I need to go to bed very soon, but I can hear the book calling me..... "Read me... just one more chapter... just for a few minutes..."

Writer's Block: Dream Job

The fact that reality may not live up to my "dream" expectations.
What's keeping you from your dream job?


What a wonderful thing.. I have great friends. I mean the type that don't worry if your house is clean, if you have showered, cleaned your teeth, done your hair etc. They accept you for all your faults and foibles. I can visit their place with slippers in hand to wear inside, with kids in tow if MOTH unable to look after them, and with comfort food under my arm.

They always have a supply of comfort food just in case. (I keep chocolate biscuits for such occasions as I won't eat them, therefore are safe) 

I need my friends and they need me... perfect symbiotic relationship.

Writer's Block: Home Alone

What happened the first time you were left home alone as a child?
I ate all the Anzac biscuits that I had made that morning with Mum and was sick...... still eat them, just in much smaller quantities!

Writer's Block: I Left My Heart in...

Proximity to most things I need. The weather. The sounds.
What do you love about where you live?

Cuppa tea

How good is a cuppa tea? I drink it when I'm sad, happy, tired, just out of bed, before bed, in bed. I drink decaf most of the time or I wouldn't sleep at night.

I love the difference milk makes with taste and often drink a black cuppa halfway then add milk. I concentrate on the taste sensation. With some teas, there is a big difference with the accent, body etc.

But my all time favourite is white, no sugar and in a teacup. It remind me of being with my grandparents, laying out my first dead body, studying for finals, living in the nurses home, finding out my boyfriend had another two special ladies in his life, air travel, autumn (my favourite season), winter (my second favourite), B & W movies on Sundays, peace. My world stands still for a fleeting moment when I take my first sip and I know that everything will be fine.

Writer's Block: Such a Chore

Folding and sorting clothes. Have put it on the kids job list.
What's your least favorite chore?