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Beautiful boys

I cannot thank God enough for my beautiful boys. As my illness progressively became worse, they stepped up to the plate and helped out. #1, off his own back, separated and folded the washing on Sunday, whilst #2 has been helpful in the kitchen. Yes, they still have their moments where I just want to put them in different room, shut the doors and go for a walk alone, but they are rare.

As for the estranged husband, he just keeps running his life as he wants. The good thing is that this no longer upsets me... that is his journey and it is up to him to sort out his priorities in life.

Tonight is my favourite TV night, Top Gear Australia, City Homicide and Bones. I love Bones especially.... I have always found nerds sexy. That's why I watch CSI, Mythbusters, Spicks and Specks etc. Not that I don't look at jocks, it is just that I find that nerds have a lot more pent up sexiness. Almost time for my show...

P.S. I was a Buffy fan too. Fav was Spike.