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Long time, no write

It has been a very long time since writing. I have been to hell and back.. but feeling so much better now. It is amazing how a person can cope when everything is against you. My recovery is not complete, but I get stronger each day.

Just to top everthing off, my brainwashed husband enrolled to boys to get their Holy Communion. He can't even say why he did it, just that he had to. He has no experience with other religions and is convinced that Catholisism is the only one. What I hate is that he is prepared to indoctrinate them into a system that is rife with hypocrisy.... if it wasn't the religion that he was raised in, but the Boy Scouts, he wouldn't allow it. It is this W/E and I'm afraid that I'm going to cry at the church. I am a strong believer in not forcing your beliefs onto others, so, by stepping back I am doing that. If I caused a scene and refusing to allow it, that would be forcing my beliefs. I  know that when they are older, they will make up their own minds.

I need to get to bed soon, even if it is only early. Now I just need to get more energy. Some nights I'm asleep before my two boys (8 & 9).

Love life, it is the only one you will have this time around.