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Sick again

I've been sick again and nearly didn't make it to work. I'm back to the specialist tomorrow to get a progress report. After the last 24 hrs, I feel that I'm getting worse. I'm finding it hard to work, needing to lay down before I fall or puke. Medications play havoc with the body and mind, but withou them, I'd never make it through a day. I've managed to keep my bad days under wraps from the work mates, but I looked so shocking this morning, that it was hard to avoid their scrutiny.

I can feel the drugs wearing off, so I'm off to bed early to try and sleep through the worst of it. It has made me a bit flat today, but I will wake tomorrow to another day.

I must end on a positive note... my boys are fabulous (even on their naughty days) and I have a great family. Their influences on my life have made me the person I am today, and I'm happy with that.